It's Time To Automate Your Income

If you want to make a 💩 load of money and win your time back. I have spent the last 5 years studying and mastering automation and marketing to bring you this incredible and affordable course to help you make money online and automate your income so you can live your best life.


5⭐ reviews

Patrick Martins

UI/UX Designer

"I loved the idea of an automated income and just kinda wanted a side hustle but I just paid off my house from automated income and I could not be happier. This course really helped me get started and it was worth every penny."

George Nevis


“You cannot do any better. Robert breaks it down. He helped me start a niche business on "army promotion points". Something that I had no idea that I could do. Robert is really good at helping you identify the right idea that has legs in the online space. What I can tell you is, he helped me hone in on this. He helped me realize how I could monetize this idea. And then, helped me discover that passion, identify the market opportunity, put together the step by step strategy, and launch this business. I highly recommend Robert.”

Clara Parker

IT Consultant

Robert Lyon's course was one of the best online business courses I've ever bought. I work as a consultant and executive coach, and I wanted to find a way to reliably and effectively generate more leads for my business. He provided me concrete approaches to, among other things, improve my SEO ranking with just a few tactics; expanded the number of ways I could monetize my subject matter expertise; helped me build a better, more targeted website. Robert's the real deal!

John Simon


After several months of putting out great material that wasn’t being seen, I joined the Automated Incomes Community. It has allowed me to fine-tune my SEO and fill in some holes in my online presence that had been keeping my content from reaching my audience. This has been one of the best investments I have made in my business. I am very happy with the results I am seeing!

Product Main Benefits

You will learn the secret psychological triggers marketers use to make you empty your wallets so that you can become the rain maker and bring home the bacon for your family on autopilot.

Understand I’m just like you I come from humble beginnings and would even say I am a common man that has figured a way out of the employee trap I called a life so long.

If you want to make more than $10,000 a month, spend more time with your family, not have a boss, only work a couple hours a week (If you want), become a nomad and travel the world or just get back to working less and living more, then your in the right place read on.

This is not just a course this is a way of living, I believe you should have an multiple automated incomes so you can live your life and focus on what matters.

You also will join  a private automated income community for 24/7 questions you need answerd and weekly video call.

simple and easy.

See How Easily You Can Automate Your Income

Simple and Easy.

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